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TouchPoints user Brian Stull talks with us about what he uses TouchPoints for and his positive experience with them.


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I use TouchPoints™ in session to relax my clients and help them access and share information that otherwise they wouldn't. My clients are able to put the TouchPoints in their pockets while drawing or moving.
I have some clients wear the TouchPoints™ at home throughout the day and turn them on during a stressful time for calming and soothing. Some will put them on prior to times that are stressful for them.


Our 19 year old daughter has Autism and gets very nervous with daily transitions and some social situations. We were considering prescription medications for her but then discovered Buzzies and decided to try them. The Buzzies help her calm down when difficult situations arise. Even better, we get to use them when needed instead of medicating her on a continuous basis. I have been very pleased with the product and have recently become a huge fan of their customer service after having an issue that they addressed and solved immediately. Great product and a great company!

Ken Hanes

Our child won a pair and they arrived a week ago. He wore them daily until Monday, when he forgot. Even though he's on medication for ADHD and other issues, he has seemed a tad calmer, but on Monday he came home in a snit. That's when I discovered he forgot to wear them. Just that alone showed that they were already making a difference. Now to remember to have him wear them each morning. I will be buying the bigger wrist bands so that they can be comfortable worn on his ankles.

Cindy Matthews

I purchased our Buzzies after seeing the informational video that was forwarded to me by one of my husbands caretakers. She felt that they might help him. All I can say is that we use them everyday to help with the stress, anxiety and performance/motor challenges in his life. He says he can feel a difference as one piece of our drug free care plan. His individual caretakers notice the positive effects as do I. I am planning on purchasing a second set so that we always have one charged. They could also be useful for me on a stressful day. The challenge is remembering that i can also use them.

Carolyn Zimmermann

My nephews have a combination of things that require them to need special attention, assistance at school, and even very strict rules at home. They have ADD, ADHD, Autism, OBD, just to name a few. We are assisting in raising my nephews as their parents are not in the picture. We were sent a set of these on scholarship. They've really made a huge difference for my nephew. While we only have one set, we have been able to allow both boys to try them, and the younger of the two has really benefited. We are so blessed that these exist and will update as we see further improvements in his quality of life.


Since I started using my Touchpoints buzzies before bed I am getting a much deeper and longer rest at night. I love them. Thank you

Angela Anderson

I have been using buzzies throughout my normal routine for about 6 weeks now and it has been amazing. I use the "Sleep" presetting before I go to bed and wake up well-rested in the morning. I start my day off with the "Performance" presetting and a cup of coffee. At around 10:30 am, I use the "focus" presetting to get through my standard work and emails. And on the way home from work, I use the "Calm" setting to help me prepare for the evening with my kiddos.

Amber Myers

My 8 year old son Eli has Autism and recently started using TouchPoints™. I was so excited to receive this on scholarship.
The first time I handed him his TouchPoints™ to have him get a feel for it, he literally started breathing deeper and he relaxed into his seat. It was kind of amazing.
Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product. I'm excited to continue to see how TouchPoints™ will benefit my son.


I'm a university student with Asperger's and have purchased the Touchpoints™ back in March, and I find validity in what is written and am extremely happy I bought my TouchPoints™.
I've been using them for a variety of things now. They have to be the most life changing purchase I've made in a long time.
They allow me to actually relax for a good long time when I want to as well as focus when I want to.
They have already improved what I can describe as quality of life.


Last night her restless leg syndrome was keeping her awake and when she put on her TouchPoints™ bands and went into sleep mode on her app she was not only asleep in 2 minutes, but slept later than her usual 5 am wake up time. Pretty thrilling!


Thank you for giving me my wonderful husband back! He was deployed 9 years ago and returned a very different man. Angry. Impatient. Depressed. Argumentative. Trouble sleeping. Diagnosed with PTSD. He’s tried getting help through counselling and medication, but no improvement lasted long.
Enter Touchpoints. He was skeptical and worried that I had wasted our money purchasing them. I convinced him to try the sleep setting and the first night he slept better than he had in years!
We are now three months out from the purchase. My sweet, gentle, kind husband has returned. He’s used them almost daily since then and I have no doubt that he has built new neuropathways which has helped him cope with the daily stresses that he encounters. He feels a million times better and is now equipped to deal with difficult situations with hope.
I’m so grateful to Touchpoint Solution for making these available.


My son has used his TouchPoints™ before school and 2 times a day at school for several months now. Last week he had notes from the teacher everyday that said he had a good day!
He is having so many good days that I am no longer feeling stress by worrying about what is happening at school.
Thankfully my son was a scholarship recipient in December. These have been great in helping him feel calmer so that he is not over-stimulated by the school environment. His self-regulation has improved considerably!



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